Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funny Face

While in the back country of Kentucky I visited a beautiful farm and to my surprise they had a herd of Texas Long Horn Cattle. I should say the cows were Texas Long Horn cattle and the resident bull was an Angus bull. I was in the pasture taking photos of the cows and the big Angus bull was on the far side of the pasture. Then I felt a little nudge, looked around and there was Mr. Angus right behind me. I think he was letting me know these were his cows and I was welcome to leave. I gave a wave good-bye and headed for the gate. Before my invitation to leave I did take a photo of this little calf that I named "Funny Face". The surprise cow and bull meet up made for, "A Painting Day".

"Funny Face", 8x8-inches, o/c by Ruth Andre

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