Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Memories - Ruth Andre

7"x7" Acrylic-Oil-Wax on Paper
by Ruth Andre

This has been another busy week. The days are flying by. I just want to sit out on the back porch and enjoy the view. I did get to the studio yesterday and it felt so good to try a new painting approach. I started by using a graphite pencil and then filling in with large color acrylic shapes. The veiling of white oil and wax was the final layer. I like the contrast of the pale white and strong color shapes.
It has been, "A Painting Day".

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Detached - Ruth Andre

4"x6.5" Acrylic on Paper
by Ruth Andre
Painting on Paper $100
Matting and Framing also Available

I usually name my paintings after an event or something I have seen but today I named this painting and then the event appeared. A tall beautiful black mare came prancing down our road totally free of halter or lead. She was a tall horse and looked to be young.I was not sure if she would let me catch her but with a little coaxing and a bucket of oats she came right to me and allowed me to put a halter on her and lead her down the road and into a safe stall next to our horse, Hopi. She is definitely detached and the word is out to find her owner. She is a beautiful mare and I will add a photo tomorrow to share with you.  Hopefully her owner will be here soon.
I also want to say, I have been away for a few weeks and am just getting back to the studio to paint. My husband and I traveled to the mid-west to search for land and a possible new home. I am not sure what we will do but it was a great adventure. It was a driving trip so we got to see many miles of untamed and beautiful landscape. I kept seeing paintings as we passed through the long valleys and mountain passes. It has been an exciting Painting Day.

Monday, April 2, 2018

The River Road - Ruth Andre

"The River Road"
Oil-Wax on 9"x12" Paper
by Ruth Andre

The valley is alive with bright green hills and the creek is like a river with water rushing and meandering along the road that we take to town. It seems as if everything is alive and thankful for the sunshine giving warmth to the landscape. Spring is the season for renewal and as always it is most welcomed. It has been, 
"A Painting Day".

Friday, March 30, 2018

Scarlet I, II - Ruth Andre

"Scarlet I and II"
Each Painting - 4.5"x4.5" Oil-Wax on Paper
by Ruth Andre
Each Painting Matted and Framed $300

The two "Scarlet" paintings are bold and have done their best to make a statement. It is amazing what a force a small painting can make. I am working on a few larger paintings. While they dry between layers of applied paint I like to paint small paintings to keep the energy going. The buzz is on and fun.  Enjoy! It has been, "A Painting Day".

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

China Sea - Ruth Andre

"China Sea I, II, III"
24"x6"x2.25" Oil-Wax on Cradled Panel
-by Ruth Andre
My son, Ian, is a product designer and his company is ChicWrap. Ian is a talented designer and believes in the need for products that simplify our lives. His goal is to design products that are aesthetically beautiful and easy to use. Ian travels to China quite often to visit manufacturers that produce the products for ChicWrap. I have been lucky enough to share part of his adventure through photos, not only of the manufacturing plants but the people of China and how they live. The foods available are quite different and something for the American palette to get used to. The painting today, "China Sea" has been influenced by the world that has been shared with me. It has a quiet and lively palette of pale green and red.I have taken my own journey to China with my painting, "China Sea". It has been, "A Painting Day".

Friday, March 16, 2018

Garden Party - Ruth Andre

"Garden Party"
16"x3" Oil-Wax on Paper
Matted and Framed 22"x6"
-by Ruth Andre

Garden Photos
Ruth - 1996

Garden Photos - Ruth and Bailey 1996

This time of year the seed catalogs arrive and dreams start forming for a garden of vegetables and flowers. It is a dreamers dream thinking about the warm sunny days of spring planting a variety of seeds. One year I mentioned to my husband that I thought I needed therapy. I had recently lost my sister and I was overwhelmed with her loss. My husband told me to wait a minute and he would be back to talk to me. When he came back to the house he handed me a seed catalog that carried seeds of course but also carried plug plants. He then explained that he had disced an acre of land for my garden. 7,000 plants were planted that year. It sounds like a lot and it IS! The ground was ready and I planted. I then watered and trimmed and cut flowers and harvested vegetables and more and more. The weeds were a constant battle so I was out in my garden everyday that summer. At the end of summer after the garden was complete and the ground was cleaned I told my husband,  I have had therapy. Everyday I worked and thought about my sister and let the tears flow and then started remembering all of the good times we had shared together and how lucky I was to have had such a beautiful sister in my life. The painting today is titled, "Garden Party" in remembrance of the love for my sister and the love for the land. It has been, "A Painting Day".

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cloud Shadow - Ruth Andre

"Cloud Shadow"
3"x3" Oil-Wax on Paper
Matted and Framed 10"x10"
by Ruth Andre

The painting is the lone survivor of a group of four. I tape off sections of paper and when I took off the wonderful artist tape the paper tore and made a lovely mess. So, "Cloud Shadow" reins as queen for the day. Take care and enjoy! It has been, "A Painting Day".


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Black and White Four - Ruth Andre

"Black and White Series - Four"
Each Painting - 3"x3" Oil-Wax on Paper
Matted & Framed $150
by Ruth Andre

"Black and White I"

"Black and White II"

"Black and White III"

"Black and White IV"

These paintings were done for an online class I am taking with Nancy Hillis. Our assignment was to paint high contrast value paintings. It was suggested we paint small works and a lot of them. The "Black and White" paintings were painted with black and transparent white oil mixed with wax. The two layers merged making a lovely blue cast. I will be adding more small value paintings in the next few weeks. They are way too much fun to stop painting them. 
 "A Painting Day".

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Letting Go - Ruth Andre

"Letting Go"
Oil-Wax on 30"x22" Paper
Available Matted and Framed
by Ruth Andre

This painting is a larger work using oil and wax. I have moved back to the studio and put my best efforts into clearing away enough space so I can work on larger paintings. This is no easy task. It seems before moving anything the new space storage space needs to be cleared and gone through so you end up having two jobs instead of one. A larger studio is a dream at the present time but how lovely it would be to have 5 or 6 paintings in the works at one time. 
The title represents the many passages life presents to each of us as we take on our journey. A big part of life I have learned is, "Letting Go". Each of us need to continue to look forward and give ourselves space by letting go of what is not needed. The letting go is often difficult but once done our life can move forward.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Two From the Desert - Ruth Andre

"Desert Grasses"
Image - Acrylic on Paper 5.5"x7.5"
Matted - 14"x14"
by Ruth Andre

"Wind Currents"
Image - Acrylic on Paper 5.5"x7.5"
Matted - 14"x14"
by Ruth Andre

After returning from Joshua Tree desert I painted these two paintings. The paintings are minimal in color but so very much like the desert land. The desert feels ancient with its desolate solitude. The torn bottom of the painting edge gives the feeling of the desert's roughness. It reminds one to be strong and diligent.  It is amazing to see the plants and animals that thrive in the desert with little water. My framer, Jim Ginney, made these lovely heavy bottom mats. I think he did a fabulous job and it is fun to see my paintings accented so well. Thank-you, Jim.
It has been, "A Painting Day".