Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Class

I am getting ready to take off on my trip to southern California but wanted to share with you the art class that I had for some very special students.  Britany, Madison and Taylor wanted an art lesson so we set up on the back porch and went to work.  Children are a true inspiration.  They are so free and relish the bright colors and the whole idea of making brushstrokes on the canvas.  We started with a drawing using an oil pastel pencil and then the first thin layer of paint went down to show the Darks and the Lights of the painting.  The final brushwork was a bit thicker and voila each student had a nice painting.  It was definitely, "A Painting Day".

Madison starting her bison drawing using her pastel pencil.

"Mr Buffalo" 8x10-inches acrylic on canvas panel by Madison

Taylor's is working from memory on a prototype car painting.

"G9A" 8x10 inches, acrylic on canvas panel by Taylor

Britany has started her horse drawing.

"Horsey" 8x10-inches, acrylic on canvas panel by Britany

The artists are at work.

Ruth Andre


Debora L. Stewart said...

What a wonderful day and wonderful young artists. They did some very nice work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ruth for the wonderful art lessons and your hospitality. Brittany and Madison love you and speak very fondly of you and Tom.

PS. My girls truly enjoyed your blog.
Thank you,

Pam Holnback said...

What a great post! What a great afternoon!

Theresa Paden said...

Those are some talented kids and they're lucky to have such a great art teacher! So fun to see photos of them at work, and their finished paintings.

Manisha said...

It's a wonderful art lesson.And great work by kids.Congratulation!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Lucky and talented kids. You are great for sharing your talent with them.
Love the "Hopi" painting!

Sue Furrow said...

Lucky little artists ! If I had had someone like you around at that age, it may not have taken me a lifetime to get busy w/ a brush. Really enjoy your blog, your work is incredible.

mary maxam said...

What charming pics and paintings! Lucky kids to be taught by you!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are such a gifted Lady. beautiful work.