Friday, September 25, 2015

A Painting Day - Vintage and Words - Ruth Andre

4.5"x4.5" Oil and Mixed Media on Paper
12"x12" Mat Available
Challenge Painting Eighty-Three
by Ruth Andre

This painting makes me happy. Do we all have a special blanket or throw that is vintage and warn just right to be comfy and cozy? The colors in this painting, "Vintage" make me think of the old cotton flannel blankets from the 1940's. The fabric for these old blankets show the signs of time. Their color has become muted and the fabric thin but they are still so warm and welcoming. Since we are heading into the week-end I have a question for all the creative types out there. Do you have a special place to work? Do you have the respect of others if  you are in this special place? Are you a solo painter or enjoy the company of others while you work? I have never mastered keeping people out of my studio and I am truly a solo painter. Maybe that is why the small Challenge Paintings have been so fun for me. I can sneak into the studio and work like a wild woman for a few hours for a couple of days and have a painting. I am interested in any and all of your comments. We can think of this as a support blog post of sorts. Enjoy the week-end. It has been, "A Painting Day".


Chris Lally said...

The colors remind me of warm flannel blankets, too, especially since the air is getting crispy here in Oregon. Beautiful painting, Ruth! I, too, like working solo and have a home studio in our walk-out basement. It's next to our garden, so it's nice and serene. And, yes, the family pretty much stays away when I'm down there - except when hubby offers me a nice cup of coffee...

Sue Marrazzo said...

I love the new lighter colors! WELL DONE!

Marcy Brennan said...

Love your oil and cold wax paintings! I learned it a year ago and just love working in it. I've not done any on paper but you've inspired me to give it a go! I've gotten into 3 juried shows with my oil and cold wax paintings on cradled wood and even took first place in the first juried show I got into in Riverhead, NY last year. Very exciting. I'm in a juried show south of here for the second year in a row, both times with oil/cold wax paintings. I think I've found my medium. :-)

Do you do the paper pieces the traditional way with multiple layers and use newsprint/brayer to remove parts of top layers as you go? That's how I was taught, but I'd love to hear of any different techniques.

I I have a studio and a large old bank building in our quaint little downtown. All the old bankers offices are now art studios. The vibe there is wonderful, love the other artists, and love how people come strolling through and chatting with them. We don't sell too much, but it's a wonderfully creative environment.

My studio is about 18"x12". Not nearly large enough for a pack rat like me! Thankfully, I work in real estate so have time here and there to go in and create. If I had all day every day I don't know where I'd put everything I could create!

Ruth Andre said...

Chris, Your studio sound like it is a wonderful place to create. It is good you can get away and be on your own. You must have a very nice husband to bring you coffee. Thanks so much for posting the comment.

Ruth Andre said...

HI Marcy, You have a lot going with art and real estate. It sounds like Oil and Cold Wax is the medium for you and congratulations on your recent shows and awards. I paint in layers like a serigraph printer adding texture as it seems right. I so enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for stopping by.

Ruth Andre said...
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