Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Wakamatsu Oak"

"Wakamatsu Oak"
8"x8" Oil on Canvas
by Ruth Andre

I drove to a beautiful area outside of Placerville, CA yesterday to meet up with a group of painters. We met at the Wakamatsu Ranch. The ranch is rich in history and is being preserved. You can read about the ranch Here. The old oak in the painting was hovering above a small pond. Its tree limbs went all the way to the ground giving shelter for wildlife in the area. It was a beautiful cool day with gusts of wind that sent my hat flying a few times. 
I just received an assignment for 40 small paintings on paper that are due as soon as possible so I will be in the studio working. The landscape will be there to see but not painted for a few weeks.
It was, "A Painting Day".

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