Monday, September 4, 2017

One More Step - Ruth Andre

"One More Step"
14"x10" Oil-Wax on Paper
by Ruth Andre

My exercise of choice is walking and I take two walks up the hill behind our house per day. With the heat this summer it sometimes feels like a monumental task. It is also rewarding and this summer I have crossed paths with quail, turkey, a bob cat called, Bobbie, and a snake or two. Luckily the cows have stayed behind their fences and the mountain lion only appeared after leaving the shade of the big oaks by the creek. The neighbor's guinea flock shout at us but I love seeing them with their bulbous bodies and tiny heads. They remind me of old grandmothers wearing scarves. The horses stretch their heads over the fence of the their paddocks and whisper a greeting. You can see I am not alone on these walks and to make sure Sadie our red Border Collie is by my side.  
"One More Step" has made for, "A Painting Day".

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