Thursday, May 20, 2010

Las Hermanas #2

This is painting, "Las Hermanas #2" of the triptych in progress. When painting, you have time to reflect and memories come flooding in at times. As I said yesterday, my time in Baja California, Mexico came to my mind. With no running water and no electricity on our ranch we had a small reservoir and a generator. Many of our neighbors did not have these luxuries and would go to the river each day for water. The horses on the surrounding ranches would be herded down the dirt road to the river twice a day for water. It was quite a sight to see the horses as they past our ranch and the dust they stirred was enormous. There was a rhythm of the day to day life in Baja. The memories came back to me to make, "A Painting Day".

"Las Hermanas #2", 9x9-inches, o/c

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