Friday, October 28, 2011

Ann Templeton Remembered

Ann Templeton

Ann Templeton was my first real art instructor.  I met her in 1992 at the Art Barn in Valparaiso, Indiana for a workshop.  I was living in southeast Missouri at the time and made the 8 hour drive to the Art Barn for a week of painting.  I was totally thrilled to finally meet Ann in person and watch her paint.  I remember seeing a photo of Ann's work and saying to myself, I have to meet her.  Ann was a great instructor and spent time not only painting demonstration paintings but giving art how to lesson lectures.  She loved color and she was an enthusiastic painter.  High Key painting with a flourish of brushes that made one think she was dancing with the canvas.  There was no holding back with Ann.  She gave her all to her painting and to her teaching.

The last time I saw Ann was at  the Cowgirl UP! show at the Caballeros Western Museum .  I rounded the partitions to find my paintings and Ann was there in front of my work.  She was beaming.  She seemed totally thrilled that I, her student, was also showing in the show.  It was a wonderful time and Ann and I got to catch up and talk about art during the many events taking place during the show.

 Ann is missed and will always be loved.  Ann has given me the guidance for many, "A painting day".

"December Snow" by Ann Templeton ©

Photo credit of Ann by Michael Chesley Johnson


Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Ruth. It's nice to hear your thoughts and memories.

Sharlette White said...

Wasn't she something! Loved meeting her and taking a class from her here in Oklahoma a few years back. I couldnt believe how many people came from all over to take her class. It was fun meeting everyone and listening and watching her paint. I purchased her latest book and I like looking at it to inspire me to loosen up, I love color so that is not a problem., LOL i love that people are remembering her.