Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's A Wash & October Moses Botkin Challenge

The Moses Botkin Challenges are always a challenge and usually a delight once you jump in and start painting.  The Challenge for October was chosen by Robin Cheers.  Each artist was given the same gray scale photo and we were to paint it in color.  The challenge was to get the correct values.  If you have a good composition and your values are correct you can paint in any color scheme you want and the painting will work.  So we all went to work for, "A Painting Day". Scroll down to see the other challenge paintings.

"It's A Wash" - Sold
8x6 inches, oil on canvas

Our reference photo taken by Robin Cheers.

"Summer Chores"
11x14 inches, oil on panel ©2011

8x10 inches, oil on canvas ©2011

16x20 oil on canvas ©2011

10x8 inches - oil on hard board ©2011

"Fresh Sheets"
14x11 inches, watercolor on aqua board ©2011


Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love them all, don't you? This was a good challenge and got me to thinking. I wonder what's NEXT?!

Ruth Andre said...

Diana, The October Challenge was a lot of fun and everyone did a great job. Yes, what is next up for November?

Virginia Floyd said...

Really great job, Ruth! She is beautiful...wonderful job on her figure.

Today I went to Fredericksburg to the Good Art Gallery to see your paintings. They are even better in person than online! It is something I have been meaning to do ever since you wrote that you were having some work on display there. Beautiful work!

suzanneberry said...

beautifully done ruth! turned out to be a fun challenge!

shirley fachilla said...

I love it when you guys have your challenges. The work is always marvelous.
Ruth, your laundress simply glows as does her wash by the way!
And I also love your title and Suzanne's. They're fresh and snappy like their paintings.

Scarlet said...

They ALL work! Amazing! Every one of them is a work of art. Thank you for sharing.