Monday, March 4, 2013

White Fish - Ruth Andre

"White Fish"
8x10x1.5 inches, oil-wax on panel
by Ruth Andre

Today was filled with surprises and with each piece of good news it became harder and harder to concentrate and paint. I started two small paintings this morning with a very clear vision. Those paintings turned into two different paintings when I returned to my studio after lunch. Then those two paintings changed again as I made one change and then another. The harder I tried to stay focused on what was in my mind the less the paint seemed to move in that direction. Amazing how mind and hand have their own path. With all of that said I have to share with you that I have always wanted to go to Montana. Once a few years back I heard of a town called, Whitefish, and the name brought many thoughts to mind. One day I will head north and visit this most interesting state, Montana and enjoy its splendor. It has certainly been, "A Painting Day".


Sea Dean said...

Have you tried visiting Whitefish with Google Earth? Once you have the Globe, type in Whitefish Montana and then grab the little man on the right to get down to street view. You can drive all over town to see what it's like.

Theresa Paden said...

I love the interesting shapes and subtle colors in this one. I'm glad you have been getting good news!