Wednesday, May 29, 2013

War Bonnet - Soneladu - Ruth Andre

"War Bonnet - Soneladu"
36"x36"x2" oil & mixed media on panel
by Ruth Andre

I am nearing the end, or at least I think I am, of the "War Bonnet" collection. My goal is to complete 20 paintings. The painting today is number 19. Each painting has textural lines that speak of the feather quill found in many Native American's dress. Each painting represents movement and when I paint I think of the settling of this land and the movement of its people during earlier times. In some ways it has been an emotional series to paint and I have felt a guiding hand in each piece. It has been, 


Sheila Vaughan said...

Ruth, I love this series. I only just checked out your blog for the first time in a while. I went back to the first in the series in April so I could track not just the paintings but your thoughts. I studied American history at university (I am from UK) and was always fascinated by the native American peoples, their strength and courage. Your paintings do bring back to me some of that feeling. I was also very interested in what you had to say about the whole process and that often people will say it is "fun". I agree with you, it is always something of a struggle - to let the inner person speak and not the "external self as editor". But worth it, eh?

Ruth Andre said...

Sheila, Thank-you so much for visiting my Blog and the War Bonnet paintings. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and insight on the series. You also reminded me of the time the series was started. These paintings have shown themselves in just a few weeks. Take care-Ruth