Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Painting Day - How Now - Ruth Andre

"How Now"
8"x10" Oil on Canvas Panel
by Ruth Andre

I have two shows coming up that need traditional paintings. I am doing my best to stay traditional but the wild strokes of the brush are making their way to the canvas. I have decided to let the work find its way. It has been, "A Painting Day".


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'aime le regard doux qu'ont ces animaux. Vous avez magnifiquement su le capturer.
J'aime beaucoup également les nuances de vos blancs.
Gros bisous ✺

Ruth Andre said...

Martine: I love the soft look that have these animals. You have beautifully su the capture. I like very much also the nuances of your white. Big kisses ✺

Ruth: Martine, Thank-you so much for your comment regarding this Heifer cow. My daily view is a pasture of big momma cows as they graze the hillside on the ranch next door.

Caroline Simmill said...

Beautiful painting I like the almost impressionist feel to your cow, good luck with the show. How do you feel about being an abstract painter and a traditional painter? do you prefer a style? do your buyers prefer you to have a brand?

Ruth Andre said...

Caroline, Thank-you for your comment and your questions. I feel I have a thin line still holding me to the traditional paintings. I love painting animals and the landscape but I am so drawn to explore my first love abstract painting. The idea of working with color and shape is so exciting to me. To gain interest for my work from what is there rather than the known subject that is represented. I often hear from patrons saying that they wish I would not change my painting style while others embrace it and are happy to watch my work as it moves onto a new place. Artists need to be true to themselves and at times that is a letting go process that takes time. My two shows coming up are both calling for traditional works. I am committed to the call. Thanks so much.

Bruce B. Hancock said...

Ruth...let it flow. It is working beautifully.

Ruth Andre said...

Hi Bruce, Thank-you for the encouraging words. I know you know how it goes. I also wanted to say I have enjoyed your latest night harbor landscapes.

Caroline Simmill said...

Thank you Ruth for your reply I too have a thin line that draws me to the traditional painting too but I also love painting abstract landscapes too! galleries seem to like to have their artist's have a brand possibly to make selling the artist's work more appealing to buyers.It nice you are selling to both markets, all the best for the show!