Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Painting Day - Sun and Clouds - Ruth Andre

"Sun and Clouds"
4.5"x4.5" Oil and Cold Wax on Paper
Challenge 100 Painting Thirty-Three
by Ruth Andre

Today the temperature is soaring outside at 109.5  and it is an energy saving day so we are not allowed to run the air-conditioner. I am sneaking a session on the computer to write this blog. It is darn hot, too hot and I know it gets hotter in other parts of the country so I am not really complaining but I am not able to paint since it is way too hot in my studio. I feel tied down with no place to go. Yesterday it was  hot and then clouds formed and we had a bit of much needed sky shade. It was so nice and made the temperatures almost tolerable. I do like the painting today, "Sun and Clouds". The lively yellow and white has a lovely contrast on the dark background. Hopefully the clouds will find their way into the valley again today. It may be too much to ask for but a quiet rain would be very welcome. 



Chris Lally said...

109.5???? Unbelievable! No air? Unbelievable! Please take care of yourself during the extreme heat. I hope the hot temps don't affect your lovely cold wax painting. Your color palette is just stunning! Glad you took a stealthy minute to share.

Ruth Andre said...

Hi Chris, Luckily we have a well insulated cabin here in the woods so the heat has not been too bad for us. Going out side is another thing since the heat is intense. The studio is in the barn and does not have the same insulation so painting is either accomplished early or in the evening. It is summer! Thanks for following along with the blog posts and your comment.