Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Painting Day - Passing Sun - Ruth Andre

"Passing Sun"
4.5"x4.5" Mixed Media on Paper
12"x12" Mat Available
Challenge Painting Ninety-Eight
by Ruth Andre

Rain has visited the valley several times in the last few weeks. The creek is high and moving quickly through the valley. Then today the sun shown and it was as if the land came to life with an abundance of color. The grasses have turned to a spirited green and cover the valley floor as well as the surrounding mountains. It is a glorious time of year. The painting today, "Passing Sun" is Challenge Painting Ninety-Eight. I will be posting the last two Challenge Paintings in the next week. I know you have heard me praise the fun of painting this challenge and it is so true. Thanks for coming along and stay tuned for the last two Challenge Painting posts.

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