Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Painting Day - Rain Clouds - Ruth Andre

"Rain Clouds"
12"x12" Mixed Media on Paper
by Ruth Andre

The New Year has arrived. I hope 2016 is a year filled with love and success garnered from the good works we have to make our life full. There is so much to think about and care about. I have found painting allows a deeper sense of myself and my surroundings. It is an anchor and a healer that lets me thrive with new ideas. Art has its purpose and if you make art or enjoy art you know of what I speak. 

We have had a good amount of rain here in the valley and we are all thankful to see the hills covered in lush green grass. The creek is alive and is making its way through the valley roaring at times and then settling with such a lovely sound as it rushes by. It is so good to see the sleeping river bed full and alive once again.

Have a wonderful New Year from, "A Painting Day".


Kim Vanlandingham said...

I just love the harmonies in this one. Funny how you can be drawn to some. Love your work!

sue said...

beautiful artwork

Ruth Andre said...

Kim, Thank-you so much for your comment. It is amazing how some paintings bring a deeper response.

Ruth Andre said...

Sue, I appreciate your comment very much.

Esel Ku said...


Ruth Andre said...

Esel Ku, Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.