Monday, October 9, 2017

Briarwood - Ruth Andre

4.5"x9" Oil-Wax on Paper
by Ruth Andre

The painting today is a small study but imagine it to be 36"x72" or 48"x96". How would you perceive the two pieces? I believe size does matter when it comes to painting. I am not saying we should all paint big or every painting should be big but a large painting is commanding. A large painting brings you into its space making its own landscape. I worked for a short time for a contemporary artist, Norman Zammitt. Norman painted large paintings, some being 30 feet wide. Being in his studio and watching him work was educating and exciting. I assisted by working on small studies to double check what he must have had in his mind's eye. The studies were tedious and small ranging in size from 8" to 36" wide. It took days to prepare the canvas support with many coats of gesso finely sanded after each coat dried. Then the meticulous measuring of lines and finally the application of paint. Norman was never far and oversaw each step. Norman taught me many things but what I saw working in the studio was that I was in the presence of a true artist. There was nothing that got in his way to paint what was his statement. To see a promotion video for Norman's painting, "North Wall",  follow the Heather James Fine Art Link. It is an inspiring video that lets you peek inside and see one of Norman's works. For me working with Norman was life changing to take part in Norman's painting process and experience Norman's work in progress.


Theresa Paden said...

Love these bold colors!

Ruth Andre said...

Thank-you so much for your comment. I too love your very bold animal portraits. You are truly the color person.