Friday, October 20, 2017

The Mountain Speaks - Ruth Andre

"The Mountain Speaks"
4.5"x4.5" Oil-Wax on Paper
Matted and Framed 12"x12"
by Ruth Andre

The change in seasons has brought new energy to the studio along with a few new ideas to pursue. I am working on a few projects just for me and it feels so good. The first rain for the year came down last night and today the air was crisp and the trees seem to sparkle. My morning walk with Sadie was a bundled up affair. The valley is surrounded by mountains and the biggest mountain is directly in front of our home. There is no moving mountains but they do give shelter from the winds and shade from the sun. Our neighbors that live on top of this mountain drive eight miles past our house and up, up, up to get to their homes. I often wonder how they do it. The reward must be the view from on top since they can see for miles. I love the valley floor and the flat land with the creek's life force coming and going with the seasons. At times the mountain makes me feel as if it is alive with many stories to tell. It is good to be working in the studio on these cool Fall days. It has been, "A Painting Day".


Chris Lally said...

Very strong piece, Ruth. It is just beautiful!
As always, enjoyed your commentary. You are a gifted writer as well as a gifted artist.

Ruth Andre said...

Chris, Thank-you for your lovely comment.