Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Face

This little Hereford heifer caught my eye.  She just looks so sweet.  You can see I would never make it in the cattle business.  I even get attached to our neighbor's cows when they  come to our adjoining fence during feeding time for the horses.  Their personalities are each different.  There is always a dominate cow, steer or bull calf in the group and the rest must pass muster and move out of the way and make room for the one in charge.  It is interesting to watch animals interact with one another.  Seeing this little Baby Face Heifer made for "A Painting Day".

"Baby Face", 8x10-inches, oil/canvas-Framed by Ruth Andre
Commissions Welcome


carol morgan carmichael said...

Love this baby face!

David Larson Evans said...

Beautiful work. I will return to see more.

Theresa Paden said...

You really captured her. Great work!

Carol Andre' said...

I love painting cattle and I love this little piece you did. Hope it is going better with your mare.