Friday, August 23, 2013

Wish You Were Here - Kick The Can - Ruth Andre

"Wish You Were Here - Kick The Can"
6.5"x4.25" oil & mixed media on archival paper
by Ruth Andre

My last post was "Wish You Were Here - Red Light - Green Light". I wrote about summer fun playing games while visiting family on summer holidays. An artist friend, Bruce Hancock, left a comment on the blog post stating that when he was young they all played, "Kick the Can" and challenged me to paint his summer memory. I took the challenge with today's painting, "Kick the Can". The can still has its silver glow and the paper label is hanging on for dear life. We all have memories of times gone by that can make for, "A Painting Day".


Bruce B. Hancock said...

You nailed the challenge, Ruth. I had no idea how someone would paint "kick the can" abstractly, but I should have know you would! The bright colors and 'crumpled' look bring back those summer evenings. Great job.

suzanneberry said...

i LOVE this Ruth!!! what a wonderful challenge! it's really perfect!

Sue Marrazzo said...

This is a Small/Cute piece...I like it!