Saturday, May 24, 2014

Complete With Camera - Ruth Andre

"Complete With Camera"
12"x18"x1.5" Oil & Mixed Media on Panel
by Ruth Andre

"Complete With Camera"
18"x18"x1.5" oil & mixed media on panel 3-panels 18"x6" each
By Ruth Andre

There are two images above of the painting, one with two panels horizontally and one with three panels vertically. I could not decide which grouping I liked the most. 
If you have LIKE please send a comment. Each configuration definitely changes 
the look of the painting. 

It is the summer season, the vacation outings have already begun. The vistas of the north and the doorways of the southwest will all be seen through a camera lens. Summer is here. It has been, 
"A Painting Day".


Sue Marrazzo said...


Theresa Paden said...

I love this one! I like it displayed with the three.

Ruth Andre said...

Sue, Thank-you!

Ruth Andre said...

Theresa, Thank-you for your vote. This has been a different painting for me looking at it in different ways.

Bruce B. Hancock said...

Ruth...I'm late in the voting, but I think I like the three across arrangement. It's intriguing how much the arrangement and orientation changes the feeling. Well done!

Ruth Andre said...

Bruce, The 3 vertical panels is the original configuration for the painting and then I started to question how the panel pieces worked together. I am thinking the 3 panels can stay. Thank-you for your vote.