Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopi Has A New Home

Last November I was invited to show my paintings at the Robert Kelly Gallery in Park City, Utah. Over the week-end I received a very nice email saying, "Hopi" had sold and had found a new home.  Hopi is one of my small herd of horses and the painting was made with great affection for this very special little Paint.

I found Hopi in a barn along with 30 other colts while visiting a friend in Missouri.  My friend's father had died leaving him a big herd of horses and the young ones were being shipped out to a Horse Trader.  Being a horse lover it was hard to see these young colts and fillies being sent off for who knew what?  Then near the back of the barn I saw Hopi and decided that she had to be mine.  When Hopi arrived at our farm she had not been handled except to be trailered twice and she was pretty wild.  She is still a bit wild but such a beauty.

"Hopi" 36x36 inches, oil on canvas, Framed by Ruth Andre

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"A Night in Paris" Donation - Ruth Andre

It is a "Night in Paris" themed fundraiser for the Webster School in Malibu.  I was asked to donate a painting and thought the painting, "Stephanie" would be a welcome addition for the March 12, 2012 auction sale.  I am sure the school will have a good turn out for the,  Webster's PTA Annual Evening Event

I have been in southern California working and not painting.  I so miss painting and hope to return soon to the studio for, "A Painting Day".

"Stephanie" 12x6 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre