Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cypress Windrow

My work ethic has come to a standstill or so it would seem.  I went to the studio, took a look for more pigs to paint and then decided to just play and paint another palette knife landscape.  I had started this painting while on the Fort Bragg trip.  The group of artists I was with all met in Mendocino to paint for the day.  I was standing by the Mendocino Museum, an old house beautifully preserved.  What a marvelous view the long ago owners had from this old home.  I painted the hedge of Cypress trees that made a buffer from the sea breezes.  The view showed just a glimpse of the sea.  Enjoying the Mendocino shoreline made for, "A Painting Day".

"Cypress Windrow" 6x8-inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pig Heaven

I was in pig heaven today painting the first of my three commissioned pig portraits.  The client asked for three small 6x6 inch pig paintings.  I am to choose the photos and basically work it out what is really wanted.  Since I am guessing at what the client wants I may do more than three pig paintings and let her have more of a choice?  Pigs are so cute when they are young.  My husband says the same thing about cats.  He is a dog lover.  They say pigs are intelligent but I have really never spent a lot of time around pigs.  I remember my cousin handling his pigs on his farm in Indiana and they seemed rather aggressive and I sure did not venture into their paddock area.  Give me courage to tackle the next pig portrait tomorrow.  Pig painting and pig memories have made for, "A Painting Day".

"Jose" 6x6-inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Grasses

The season is changing.  I looked out the studio window the other morning and the hills were golden.  By the afternoon, the same day, green sprigs of new grass were shooting to the sky.  Just like that I was now living in a different place.  It is a beautiful time of  year and there seems to be a new flow of energy in the landscape.  I am supposed to be painting pigs but instead I picked up the palette knife and had a little more play time.  I really need to get back to work.  I know, such fun work.  No matter, it was, "A Painting Day".

"Fall Grasses" 6x6 inches, oil on canvas © by Ruth Andre

Ann Templeton Remembered

Ann Templeton

Ann Templeton was my first real art instructor.  I met her in 1992 at the Art Barn in Valparaiso, Indiana for a workshop.  I was living in southeast Missouri at the time and made the 8 hour drive to the Art Barn for a week of painting.  I was totally thrilled to finally meet Ann in person and watch her paint.  I remember seeing a photo of Ann's work and saying to myself, I have to meet her.  Ann was a great instructor and spent time not only painting demonstration paintings but giving art how to lesson lectures.  She loved color and she was an enthusiastic painter.  High Key painting with a flourish of brushes that made one think she was dancing with the canvas.  There was no holding back with Ann.  She gave her all to her painting and to her teaching.

The last time I saw Ann was at  the Cowgirl UP! show at the Caballeros Western Museum .  I rounded the partitions to find my paintings and Ann was there in front of my work.  She was beaming.  She seemed totally thrilled that I, her student, was also showing in the show.  It was a wonderful time and Ann and I got to catch up and talk about art during the many events taking place during the show.

 Ann is missed and will always be loved.  Ann has given me the guidance for many, "A painting day".

"December Snow" by Ann Templeton ©

Photo credit of Ann by Michael Chesley Johnson

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chance of Rain

I have been fascinated with the palette knife and while I paint my recent rquested commission for three pigs for a rancher in Texas,  I will add another plein air landscape called "Chance of Rain".  There is something magical about working with the palette knife and a thick helping of paint.  Fall is here on our little Sutter Creek ranch in the foothills .  The old oaks are dropping acorns and and dusting the pasture with leaves.  It is a lovely time of year and makes for, "A Painting Day".

"Chance of Rain" 6x8-inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harbor View

The painting above was the last one painted while in Fort Bragg.  I stood in the shelter of the bridge pilings and shifted my focus to this cluster of trees leaning into the harbor.  The sun was moving in on one side and the the fog and the wind on the other side.  It was getting cold as I packed my gear to head back to Sutter Creek.  The group of painters all said good-bye and off we went.  The time together went by quickly and we all shared some a good times together.  I look forward to meeting up again for another paint out in the future.  Loved being on the California coast that made for, "A Painting Day".

"Harbor View" 6x6 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Quiet Sentinels

The last day in Fort Bragg our painting group headed down to the harbor.  A few artists wanted to paint boats and others wanted to head out to the harbor inlet but I decided to find a spot shielded from the wind by a bridge piling.  I took a look around and saw a cypress grove standing majestically on a bluff over the harbor.  The sun was still hiding behind the clouds and the scene was just beautiful.  Once again I chose to use the palette knife.  The colors were very subtle but vibrant all in one.  Being in Fort Bragg made for, "A Painting Day".

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Cliffs

The sun was shining and the wind was whistling through the grove of cypress  trees that I was huddled between as I painted the cliffs off the Mendocino shore.  It is the same location as my last post and the stark beauty of the open land and how it cascaded down the cliffs to the raging surf totally inspired me.  The view was spectacular.  How lovely it was to have, "A Painting Day".

"The Cliffs"  4x6-inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fort Bragg - Plein Air Painting Trip

Last week I was painting with a group of painters in Fort Bragg, California .  The weather was perfect and we headed out each day to a different location.  I cannot tell you how beautiful the ocean is along the shoreline and cliff areas.  As you know I paint animals and spend a lot of time painting in my studio, but there is something about getting outside and painting from life.  The colors are intense and shadow areas have an array of colors and designs that you just cannot see in a photograph.  I also tried something new on this trip when my artist friend, Bruce Hancock, let me borrow a small palette knife.  I decided to experiment with the palette knife and when I did, it was truly fun working with the thick luscious paints.  I will be sharing a few more of the Fort Bragg paintings in this week's blog posts so check back for the art tour.  The trip to Fort Bragg made for, "A Painting Day".

"Harbor Inlet" 6x8 inches, oil on canvas ©2011 by Ruth Andre
On Hold for Show Review

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's A Wash & October Moses Botkin Challenge

The Moses Botkin Challenges are always a challenge and usually a delight once you jump in and start painting.  The Challenge for October was chosen by Robin Cheers.  Each artist was given the same gray scale photo and we were to paint it in color.  The challenge was to get the correct values.  If you have a good composition and your values are correct you can paint in any color scheme you want and the painting will work.  So we all went to work for, "A Painting Day". Scroll down to see the other challenge paintings.

"It's A Wash" - Sold
8x6 inches, oil on canvas

Our reference photo taken by Robin Cheers.

"Summer Chores"
11x14 inches, oil on panel ©2011

8x10 inches, oil on canvas ©2011

16x20 oil on canvas ©2011

10x8 inches - oil on hard board ©2011

"Fresh Sheets"
14x11 inches, watercolor on aqua board ©2011