Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reed Shadows - Ruth Andre

"Reed Shadows"
6x6 inches, oil-wax on canvas
by Ruth Andre

Grassy reeds are dry on the banks of the creek. Their colors range from pale to vibrant darks. As the sun shines and warms the earth the new grasses will soon be pushing their way to the surface showing their brilliant yellows and greens. Enjoying the day has made for, "A Painting Day".

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Canyon Waters - Ruth Andre

"Canyon Waters "
12x6 inches, oil-wax on panel
by Ruth

 Today's painting gave me  a chance to see what was just an image in my mind. It is a study for some larger works that I plan to paint in the weeks to come. Mixing paint has made for, "A Painting Day".

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rio Chama - Ruth Andre

"Rio Chama"
8x8x1.5 inches, oil on panel
by Ruth Andre

While in New Mexico there is no escaping the beautiful turquoise waters as you pass through the canyon areas. Driving north from Santa Fe to Abiquiu, the cliffs rise up for what seems forever with their red shear sides reflecting into the waters below. It is truly a grand sight to see and you feel so blessed to be there, even if it is for just a few days. Recently I joined the the Encaustic Art Institute to take part in the oil and wax association activities and to show at their gallery in Cerrillos, New Mexico. The grandeur and happenings in New Mexico has made for, "A Painting Day".

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creek Bed - Ruth Andre

When we first moved to our home in northern California the creek was dry. I walked down to the bottom of the creek and started to walk the creek as it runs through our property. I had only taken a few steps when I heard a very loud noise and then I saw a huge buck deer. He had been sleeping in the dry creek bed and I had surprised him. He surprised me as well. Since then I think of the words, Creek Bed, as more than the bottom of a dry creek. The creek bed was indeed a bed that day. The music from the flowing creeks serenaded me all day and made for, "A Painting Day".

"Creek Bed" 18x24x1.5 inches, oil on panel by Ruth Andre

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day At the Delta - Ruth Andre

"Delta I" 6x6 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

"Delta II" 5x7 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Sunday was one of those perfect winter days. The air was crisp and the sun was shining. It felt so good to be outside. I met up with a group of painters, The Sacramento Plein Air Painting Group, for a day at the Delta in farm country. Martha Esch coordinated the group's meeting and she did an outstanding job giving us direction, taking photos and giving much encouragement. The outing title was, "Paint the Old Barn" but when I got to the sight all I wanted to paint was the long view of the field tree line. I wanted to capture the beauty of the long view and the almost smokey view to the trees. It was good to get out side and enjoy the company of other artists. Below is the inspiration photo and a group photo of a few of the painters gathered together at the end of the painting session. It was definitely, "A Painting Day".

Inspiration photo "Delta Farm Country" - January 2013

Sacramento Plein Air Painters - Photo by Martha Esch

 The Old Barn with Bruce Hancock checking location. Photo by Martha Esch

Ruth Andre at the Delta - January 2013
Photo by Martha Esch
PS: If you notice I am holding one more tree line painting and it was given as a thank-you to the very kind farmer for letting us use his farm for the day. 

Casey's Barn II - Ruth Andre

"Casey's Barn II" 7x5 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Casey Klahn is a wonderful artist and he has posted a painting challenge to paint his very special and old barn. I was so taken with this rustic beauty that I have entered two paintings for the challenge. My painting is above and the inspiration photo is below. The link to see all the paintings entries is HERE. My first painting and inspiration photo is HERE

Casey Klahn Photo - Barn in Winter

Enjoying a painting challenge has made for, "A Painting Day"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

El Rio Rojo - Ruth Andre

"El Rio Rojo"
24x18x2.5 inches Oil on Panels - Triptych
by Ruth Andre

Friends have sent news that they are traveling to Palm Desert for a vacation. They will be gone for a couple of months and for some reason that news just sounded so very nice to me. 
I have memories from my own visits to the desert and of the desert rivers. The water is almost orange with just a glint of  the blue sky reflecting on the water.  May the painting "El Rio Rojo" take you along to the warmth of the winter desert and "A Painting Day".

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flash Flood | Study - Ruth Andre

Traveling across the desert during a rainstorm made me realize how fast a gentle rain can become a flash flood. Water was washing over the land from flooded dry creeks making it a giant waterway. 
It was amazing and made me hold Mother Nature in reverence. 
Enjoying the colorful palette of the desert made for, 
"A Painting Day".

"Flash Flood" 7x5 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thread Bare | Study - Ruth Andre

This is a donation painting for the WHODUNNIT show coming up at The Art Association of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is the 5th Annual Anonymous Art Sale to benefit the Art Association's art education program. Each canvas is just 6x6 inches and the artists are allowed to only sign the back side of the painting. The auction begins and when the painting is purchased, it is then the patron can see the artist's name. The show is quite a popular art event. 

There are things in the life that we may pass over but truly enjoy. One of these for me is an old thread bare blanket with years of wear and softness There is a life lived in something old with the patina of time. I enjoyed painting this little painting and it maybe back as a larger work in the future. There is a real boost of energy in this work that has made,
 "A Painting Day".

"Tread Bare" 6x6 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre
Art Association
Center for the Arts Theater Lobby
Jackson Hole, WY
March 8, 2013 / 5:30 pm

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moonlight Reflections - Ruth Andre

Water has become my obsession of late. As I walk down to the creek, or ride into town with my husband, my eyes are fascinated with the rushing waters as we pass. The road to our property is quite narrow with cliffs going straight down to the water's edge. The cliffs can be dark at dusk with just a clint of light hitting the water making for a spectacular view. My daily vista has made for,
"A Painting Day".

"MIdnight Reflections" 8x8x1.5 inches, oil on panel by Ruth  Andre

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Shallows - Ruth Andre

A symphony of sound greets me as I walk to the studio each day. The creek is singing its winter song. Listening to the sounds of the creek has made for, "A Painting Day".

"The Shallows" 16x16x1.5 inches, oil on panel

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Swamped - Ruth Andre

I walked to the creek that runs through our property and just stood by the shore to watch the water rush by. There is always a limb that gets swamped on higher ground or caught in a grouping of boulders and the creek coaxes it free. The rushing water mesmerizes me as it appears to be the same but of course it is constantly different. It has been cold, beautiful and "A Painting Day".

"Swamped" 8x8x1/5 inches, oil on panel

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Rose - Ruth Andre

I am getting used to my new painting space. It is all new and feels good but it also is all new in so many ways. the painting today, "Winter Rose" is dedicated to my father. Every winter dad would say, you can freeze to death under a blooming rose bush in California. Paint and memories have made for,
 "A Painting Day".

"Winter Rose" 6x12 inches, oil on panel by Ruth Andre

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Field of Dreams - Ruth Andre

This is the first painting since my studio has undergone a floor to ceiling purge to add room for my painting and needed painting materials. Everything has a place and now I just need to find that place. I set aside a small canvas that will be used for a donation painting and now it is no where to be found.
 I need a guide.
With the new year I have new hope, new goals and a field of dreams to pursue. I am so lucky to have my own painting place and a supportive nurturing husband to take on  helping with the studio cleansing. It is so good to have, "A Painting Day".

"Field of Dreams" 6x6 inches, oil on panel

Monday, January 7, 2013

Progress In the Making - Ruth Andre

My studio is coming together. I know it seems like it has been a big project for such a small space but there has been a lot of cleaning, moving and storing things along with a few buying trips. Decisions needed to be made. Feeling the air around me and being able to walk rather than slide from one spot to another will be such a gift. The peg board is up and the flooring has been changed and it is comfy and slightly padded to make for a more comfortable day in the studio.

Today's painting photo shows "Agua Azul". A friend asked for ideas to display a small painting so I sent her this  display vignette showing a painting on a small easel. I do hope to have,
"A Painting Day" very soon.

"Agua Azul" 8x8 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution #1 - Ruth Andre

Well, I started the New Year cleaning my studio and making changes. I need more space so I am finding storage space outside the studio for canvas and photos and more. Right now the studio looks like a bomb has hit with tables and easels all bunched together while a Peg Board painting area is being installed on the back wall. The larger paining area should free me up to work on larger paintings. Tomorrow I plan to go on a shopping safari to find a short storage unit with wheels so it can be used for storage and table top. Everything in the studio needs to have a purpose with multiple uses if possible. I will update with photos soon. It has not been a painting day but it has been a day to plan for,
 "A Painting Day".
May the New Year 2013 be filled with good things for all of you.
PS: Here is one more calendar to get your year started!

"Fence Line" 4x12 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre