Friday, May 25, 2012

This is a special old oak tree, one that was a haven on our farm in Missouri. It was a strong tree and survived the farmer's ax. Trees are not welcome most times in the middle of a growing field but this one was spared. I used to stand under this tree and watch my horses as they grazed in the pasture. It was a place to listen to the rustling grass and singing birds. The memories flood my mind as I remember the many trips to the pasture to bring in the horses for the night. All four horses would hang out at the back of the pasture and once I arrived they would race to the front gate. It was a game and I always enjoyed seeing their unleashed freedom and willingness to run. Taking a step back to remember, made for, "A Painting Day".

"Solitary Oak" 5x7 inches, oil on canvas bye Ruth Andre

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this and the memories you shared. Whenever we are driving past farms and I see a wonderful tree in the big expanse, I smile :).
Stay inspired!

martinealison said...

Il est bon de se retrouver sous ces chênes solitaires... On a alors la réelle impression d'être seule au monde... Un bonne manière de se ressourcer loin des tumultes de la vie de tous les jours.
Une très belle peinture qui traduit parfaitement l'immensité de la nature et sa sérénité.
Un petit coin de paradis privilégié.
Les couleurs sont douces et elles sont une invitation au repos.
Gros bisous.

Gail said...

I always like a picture with a story. You are truly an artist.