Sunday, July 14, 2013

Canyon Clouds - Ruth Andre

"Canyon Clouds"
16"x16"x2" oil & mixed media on panel
by Ruth Andre

I have been working on a small commission and while I was waiting for client approval I dove into the paint to work on the painting above, "Canyon Clouds". I must have been feeling dreamy as the day slipped away and the quiet palette appeared. My goal for decorating my home has always been to create a quiet-peacefulness that is felt when you enter the front door. Now that I live in the back country in Northern California there is day to day peace that surrounds the house as well. Enjoy!
It has been, "A Painting Day".


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I don't always comment, Ruth, but really love your work. This one is special.

Marie Theron said...

Hi Ruth,such restful works! I have been quite surprised now to see the name of your book! I am taking part in a 3-woman exhibition next month called "Can You Hear the Drums", all about Africa.