Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wish You Were Here - Shanghai - Postcard - Ruth Andre

"Wish You Were Here - Shanghai"
4.5"x6" oil & mixed media on handmade paper
by Ruth Andre

This postcard is one for the world traveler. I have not been to China but I have friends that visit China at least once a year. From what I understand they always have an amazing visit. The sights and sounds of the cities and the beauty of the countryside and of course the people and the colors red and gold abound. I love these little postcards. They say so much in just a few inches of space. Thinking of China has made for, "A Painting Day".


Theresa Paden said...

I have not been to China either, but it must be fascinating to visit. I love these little post card paintings!

shirley fachilla said...

The quality of the texture you are getting with these beautiful little postcards is amazing.

Sea Dean said...

This is truly outstanding Ruth. As always fantastic work.