Friday, October 11, 2013

Sea Bluff - Ruth Andre

"Sea Bluff"
6"x8" oil on canvas
by Ruth Andre

This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Fort Bragg, California. I met up with a group of artists and painted the beautiful vistas available along the sea coast. The weather was just about perfect except for a couple of days with high wind that buffeted our easels and made for some interesting brush work at times. This painting, "Sea Bluff" was painted in Mendocino right across from the old town shops. Mendocino was bustling with tourists visiting the shops and strolling down to the bluff's edge to see the coastal waters as the waves pounded the rocky coast. It felt so good to paint plein air and enjoy the sounds of the sea. The day made me grateful for, "A Painting Day".



hmuxo said...

This is an outstanding painting, Ruth. A beautiful scene with absolutely amazing colors and brush work. Congratulations.

suzanneberry said...

this is beautifully done Ruth! i can feel the wind on my face! wonderful!!

Bruce B. Hancock said...

Hi Ruth...I didn't see this painting during the trip! It's beautiful! I thoroughly enjoy your palette knife work...and your lovely subtle colors.

Ruth Andre said...

I so appreciate comments and thank-you hmuxo for checking in and your kind words.

Bruce, you must have been napping. This painting was painted the first day at the reserve north of Fort Bragg. Thank-you for checking in. I hope to see your blog post on the Fort Bragg trip.

shirley fachilla said...

This is a glorious little painting. Your abstract work has informed your representational work in such a wonderful way. The texture, color, brushwork, composition are outstanding.

Theresa Paden said...

Ruth, this is SOOO gorgeous I had to have it, so I just bought it! I will be happy to have one of your originals finally!!