Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Painting Day - Fences - Ruth Andre

4.5"x4.5" oil & cold wax on paper
by Ruth Andre
Challenge Painting Five

The valley where I live is cow country. I have learned over the years how important fences are to the rancher with cows. The herd is not safe without strong fencing. I have also learned that keeping the fences in service takes diligence and work. Watching in the distance out my dining room window one day I saw a huge black Angus Bull walk right through what looked like a good fence. He ducked his head between the top wire and then pushed the bottom fencing down as he walked from field to the dirt road. I am sure he was a gentle guy but there is no way I would want to meet up with him on the road via car or on foot. He was a big fellow. My neighbor has been ranching in the valley for 40 years and she works hard to keep her ranch in shape. The painting above, "Fencing" was inspired by walking the fence line on my daily walks up into the hills behind our home. Enjoy Challenge Painting Five.

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Theresa Paden said...

I am really enjoying these small paintings and this one is another beauty.