Monday, December 13, 2010

Kylie Finish & Show News

Here is the finish for Kylie.  If you check back to the last post you will not see big changes in the painting but  you will see a few.  I lightened the background slightly and made Kylie's muzzle just a little thicker and added some highlights to her coat.  These changes enhanced Kylie's likeness.  The painting is a surprise for Jim,  Kylie's owner and the unveiling is tomorrow.  Let's hope it has been, "A Painting Day" to remember.

I received word today that two of my landscape paintings will be showing at the coming Yellowstone Art Musuem's 43rd Annual Art Auction.  The opening art reception will January 27, 2011 at the Museum.

Yellowstone Art Museum
401 North 27th Street
Billings, MT 59101

"Kylie"-6x6 oil/canvas
"Rushing Creek"-6x8 oil/canvas
"Left on Turner"-6x8 oil/canvas


martinealison said...

Comme il sera agréable d'observer le regard du propriétaire de ce charmant toutou...
Bisous et toutes mes félicitations.

Ruth Andre said...

De remerciement autant de. Je vous permettez de sais que Jim doit dire du petit Kylie.

Maria's Watercolor said...

Kylie's painting is amazing, I see the intent Aussie gaze in her eyes. Congratulations on your landscape achievements as well.

Theresa Paden said...

Jim will love the portrait of Kylie! That's so exciting to hear that your paintings will be at the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction!! Congratulations!

Miriam Mas said...

I love your painting of Kylie. The light is amazing and the dog's expression is captured so well. Congrats!