Monday, November 23, 2015

A Painting Day - High Tide - Ruth Andre

"High Tide"
16"x8" Oil and Mixed Media on Paper
Mats Included
by Ruth Andre


(second view - horizontal)

I am reading, "Claude and Camille" by Stephanie Cowell. It is a book about Monet's life in Paris when he was a struggling artist doing his best to sell his paintings. At one point he felt he had to leave the city of Paris and find solace close to the sea. He speaks of how the sound of the waves was always with him. The sea was the inspiration for many of his paintings. When I visit the coastal towns here in California there is a part of me that wants to stay so I can see and feel the beauty of the sea. It has been, "A Painting Day".


Theresa Paden said...

You have really captured the feeling of the ocean in these. Beautiful colors and atmosphere. I'm going to get that book, too, it sounds really good!

Ruth Andre said...

Theresa, Thank-you. I know you live on the coast and enjoy the ocean views daily. I appreciate your words.