Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gold Fever - Ruth Andre

"Gold Fever"
6"x6" Mixed Media Collage
by Ruth Andre

"Gold Fever" Collage Close-Up

Today's work is a collage with hand painted papers, gold leaf, metal and stone beads plus wire. It has been exciting adding each element to complete the collage I have been told not to bend, lift or twist to help my back heal so I am working setting down and boy is that making things challenging. My distance to see the work in progress is shortened and it feels like a handicap so I have been standing after each paper or new media is added. I also take smart phone photos to give a distant view. I decided to move the composition to a more fluid mood by adding torn gold leaf and wire that floats above the collage piece. Living in Sutter Creek and seeing the remaining old and forgotten mine hoists along with vintage metal and rock buildings is a reminder of the days when gold was found in the creeks and land in the valley. Sometimes men with metal pans are seen at creek side panning for gold even today. They all hope to find their dream, Gold. 

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Theresa Paden said...

Wonderful collage and I love the use of gold leaf!