Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Detached - Ruth Andre

4"x6.5" Acrylic on Paper
by Ruth Andre
Painting on Paper $100
Matting and Framing also Available

I usually name my paintings after an event or something I have seen but today I named this painting and then the event appeared. A tall beautiful black mare came prancing down our road totally free of halter or lead. She was a tall horse and looked to be young.I was not sure if she would let me catch her but with a little coaxing and a bucket of oats she came right to me and allowed me to put a halter on her and lead her down the road and into a safe stall next to our horse, Hopi. She is definitely detached and the word is out to find her owner. She is a beautiful mare and I will add a photo tomorrow to share with you.  Hopefully her owner will be here soon.
I also want to say, I have been away for a few weeks and am just getting back to the studio to paint. My husband and I traveled to the mid-west to search for land and a possible new home. I am not sure what we will do but it was a great adventure. It was a driving trip so we got to see many miles of untamed and beautiful landscape. I kept seeing paintings as we passed through the long valleys and mountain passes. It has been an exciting Painting Day.

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Theresa Paden said...

I love this painting! I'm glad you were able to catch the mare and keep her safe.