Friday, April 8, 2011

Two Books-Mine & A Friend's

First I want to say artists sometimes enjoy different forms of art.  We usually move to a medium that means the most to us and we take our art to a higher level with daily work.  On occasion it is fun to venture from our known path and work in a different style or different medium.  The book above is my first book and it is a collection of iPhone Finger Paintings called "Woven In Time".  My son, gave me an iPhone a few years ago along with the app, "Doodle Buddy".  I was enthralled with the wild designs that could be made with just a touch of the finger on the iPhone screen.  I decided to gather these works together in a book for safe keeping.  The forward was a bit of a surprise and it tells much about me and how this book came to be.  We are today what we have lived.  Taking on the iPhone made for, "A Painting Day".
If you would like to have a preview of these little abstracted woven forms click, "Woven In Time"

An artist friend and fellow Daily Painter Originals blog group member, Carol Nelson,  just announced she has a new book, "Geologic Abstractions".  I think you will totally enjoy Carol's vivid abstract works.  Each work is unique unto itself with a close-up detail photo to give a closer look at her beautiful paintings.  Each page of Carol's new book is to be enjoyed.  Click  "Geologic Abstractions" to see a preview.
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Carol Nelson said...

Your book is fabulous. With your phone, you can whip out a little abstract whenever you have a minute.
I never knew you had those colorful abstracts in you, Ruth!

Kim Blair said...

Gorgeous work Ruth. I have always wanted an iphone with the 'brushes' app. Never know about this app.

Anonymous said...

What a great book you created!

Carol Andre' said...

Intriguing idea indeed. That would be fun to play with, if only I had the phone and the knowledge! Ha. Good luck with the book(s) - your friend included. :-)