Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puesta de Sol - Ready to Ship - Ruth Andre

You have read how great my framer has been over the years and how I believe frames make a painting complete. Well, today I went to visit Jim Ginney's studio to pick up my painting, "Puesta de Sol". The painting has found a home with a Kay, a wonderful lady that loves the southwest. It was exciting to see the finished framed painting today and it is now all packed ready to ship. No easy task, I might add. There is one thing about visiting Jim's studio and that is his assistant, Sarah. Sarah has a beautiful face and a rather quick and funny way about her and will give you a run for your money. I asked Sarah if she would hold the painting up for me so I could take an iPhone photo and this is what I got. I call it Naughty & Nice. Sarah usually gets me laughing about something but I did not see photo #2 until arriving home. The things artists have to put up with while out in the real world! As you scroll down the last photo of the group is a picture taken just outside Jim's studio back door. His studio is in the foothills of Placerville and the setting is so serene. Nice to know Jim and Sarah and nice  to have had, "A Painting Day".

Sarah & "Puesta de Sol" painting.

Sarah posing sweetly.

Sarah my good friend.

Jim's studio back yard.

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Theresa Paden said...

This painting is beautiful on its own, but really stunning in the frame. Funny that Sarah threw in a photo bomb that you didn't see until later!