Friday, February 1, 2013

Red Cloud Reflections I & II - Ruth Andre

"Red Cloud Reflections I & II"

"Red Cloud Reflections I" 8x8 inches, oil-wax on panel
 by Ruth Andre

"Red Cloud Reflections II" 8x8 inches, oil-wax on panel
 by Ruth Andre

There is an endless visual as I watch the creek and the passing clouds overhead. The sky's reflections are held by the rushing creek waters. The colors change with the passing clouds and the hour of the day. Watching has made for, "A Painting Day".


Debora L. Stewart said...

I love these Ruth. I see the reflections that you speak of. They are beautiful and have a great impact together.

Theresa Paden said...

This color combination is so beautiful. You have really captured the way light dances on water.