Sunday, April 28, 2013

War Bonnet Series - Sowo - Ruth Andre

"War Bonnet - Sowo"
12"x12"x.75 mixed media, on panel
by Ruth Andre

This painting may or may not be the beginning of a new series. I am working on change and with change there is a feeling of conflict as I paint and gather ideas to paint. I often hear artists share how they have had so much fun painting and I wonder if I am from another space station?  I do enjoy painting. I do love the paint, the color, the mixing of any color one can imagine but the actual painting is sometimes me against the inner me. I enjoy the process and I wish my inner self would just take over from the get go and get me out of the way and the whole process of painting might be fun. It has been, "A Painting Day".

Note: "War Bonnet" is a new series of works with "Sowo" being the first in the series. Each painting is named using the Counting in Cherokee words. To learn more about Counting in Cherokee, LInda L. Kinyon has written an informative article.

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Theresa Paden said...

I really like the strong contrast of dark and light. We definitely grow from our conflicts. Whichever space station you are from, I love your paintings!