Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prairie Shadows I & II - Ruth Andre

"Prairie Shadows I"
Oil-Wax on Wood Panel
by Ruth Andre

"Prairie Shadows II"
Oil-Wax on Wood Panel
by Ruth Andre

I have been away for three weeks taking a road tour with my husband. We left California and spent the first night in Oregon and then we went on to Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada. We saw the most beautiful valleys, mountains and water ways with unimaginable colors that just made me want to paint and paint some more. The trip was fabulous. While in Wyoming I was able to meet an online artist friend, Lee Riddell. Lee paints the most beautiful landscapes in oil and watercolor. Lee's painting style and palette are understated and just plain gorgeous. It was so much fun to finally meet Lee while visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She is a very talented and fun lady.

We are home now and the adrenaline is still rushing through me with so many ideas that are filtering through from the trip. When we left our property was green with fresh spring grass and on our return we see the dried grasses waving in the breeze with shadows of a few hearty green weeds. With summer coming all needs to be mowed and weeded and more. 

Wishing your well. It has been "A Painting Day."


hmuxo said...

Two beautiful pieces Ruth! It's always wonderful getting home after vacationing! I've been to all these States except Washington!! Definitely on my bucket list! I have met two of my blogger friends and have kept in touch with them .... Isn't it wonderful...? The best is when you see their work in person (always better!!!). Again, LOVE your work.

Ruth Andre said...

hmuxo, You are so right about meeting Internet artist friends. Meeting Lee seemed so special after the years of chatting online. Seeing her art was wonderful as well. WA is a beautiful state with much to offer. It was so beautiful. I hope you get to visit the state soon.
I enjoyed all of the states we visited. Thanks so much for dropping by. Ruth

Theresa Paden said...

So glad you got to get away and see so many wonderful sights. Great to see your new paintings. Lots of energy in them!