Monday, November 10, 2014

A Painting Day - Roadblock - Ruth Andre

6"x6"x.75" oil & wax on cradled panel
by Ruth Andre

Some of you have been to my home and studio and know the road that I travel in and out of the valley. To say it is treacherous is not overstating the adventurous drive. A few that have visited say they will never come again. It is not due to my hospitality but due to our wild mountain road with a cliff on one side going down to the Rancheria River below and shear mountains on the other side. The road is also a single lane most of the way with turn-outs to let two cars pass. You are getting the idea that to live in the back country of Sutter Creek means you will also pay your dues for the quiet and solitude. My painting today is titled, "Roadblock" in reference to having my truck be just that on this country dirt road. Newcomers that fly down the road are often caught slamming on their brakes when they realize the road is just not wide enough for two vehicles to pass. It seems the traffic speed has risen from 15 to 20 miles per hour to faster speeds and at the higher speed it is very hard to stop on a dirt road. I have only witnessed 10 cars flying over the cliff's edge. Luckily everyone survived those tumbles and most of them were able to traverse the mountain and get back up to the road and then walk out to find help since cell service is spotty. This has been a bit of a "vent" post. I wanted to share that not all things are as they appear at times. It has been quiet today and, "A Painting Day".

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