Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back Gate

"Back Gate"
4"x12" Acrylic on Paper
by Ruth Andre

With fall comes cooler temperatures and the big oak trees start to drop acorns. The wild life find them, eat them and store them for winter. The horses like them too and can become sick with colic eating them so they have to be removed from the pasture. My husband and I have made harvesting acorns a  daily competition. We each have a bucket and pick our way through the wild grass and dropped oak limbs to find the pesky acorns. Actually getting out to the pasture and enjoying the cool fall breezes and the warm sunshine makes for a wonderful outing as silly as it may sound. 
The painting today is an abstract view of the acorn hunt. I read a blog post recently by Nancy Hillis about making "starts" when you paint and not to worry about the finished painting. It is a very freeing way to paint when you say, I will just make a start. The concept is simple but things happen when you try it. Nancy has a wonderful website and blog and offers workshops. She is an artist with many talents. 
It has been, "A Painting Day".

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Theresa Paden said...

I really love this one. Each section of the painting has something really interesting happening in it. Love the contrast and colors, too.