Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day - Ruth Andre

Heart Rock - Joshua Tree Desert-2018

Heart Rock Collection - Sutter Creek
Ruth Andre

The post today is about hearts, love and remembrance. I hope you all have a wonderful loved-filled Valentine's Day. My husband and I went to Joshua Tree, California this past weekend to visit property purchased by my late father many years ago. Joshua Tree was a very sleepy little desert community that has now grown in population ten times over. Luckily my father's land is still in a quiet area allowing the desert's serenity to remain. As we walked the property and checked boundary lines my thoughts were filled with my father's love for this country. It was an emotional visit and as I walked along I found a heart-rock and then another and another as shown in the first heart-rock photos above. I have been collecting rocks all of my life and lately rock-hearts have fallen to my prey. I question what to do with this raw land and wondering if my father is still telling me to keep it in some mystical way. It has been, "A Rock Hunting Day".


Barbara said...

I like this. I like looking for heart shaped rocks. Sometimes seeing them feels a little like a hug from my late husband.

Ruth Andre said...

Barbara, Thank-you for your comment and sharing your own heart-rock story. Take care.