Friday, March 16, 2018

Garden Party - Ruth Andre

"Garden Party"
16"x3" Oil-Wax on Paper
Matted and Framed 22"x6"
-by Ruth Andre

Garden Photos
Ruth - 1996

Garden Photos - Ruth and Bailey 1996

This time of year the seed catalogs arrive and dreams start forming for a garden of vegetables and flowers. It is a dreamers dream thinking about the warm sunny days of spring planting a variety of seeds. One year I mentioned to my husband that I thought I needed therapy. I had recently lost my sister and I was overwhelmed with her loss. My husband told me to wait a minute and he would be back to talk to me. When he came back to the house he handed me a seed catalog that carried seeds of course but also carried plug plants. He then explained that he had disced an acre of land for my garden. 7,000 plants were planted that year. It sounds like a lot and it IS! The ground was ready and I planted. I then watered and trimmed and cut flowers and harvested vegetables and more and more. The weeds were a constant battle so I was out in my garden everyday that summer. At the end of summer after the garden was complete and the ground was cleaned I told my husband,  I have had therapy. Everyday I worked and thought about my sister and let the tears flow and then started remembering all of the good times we had shared together and how lucky I was to have had such a beautiful sister in my life. The painting today is titled, "Garden Party" in remembrance of the love for my sister and the love for the land. It has been, "A Painting Day".


Dhiraj Deka (D.D) said...

Wonderful location.

Ruth Andre said...

Dhiraj, The location was on a farm in southeast Missouri. Living on the farm was a good time in my life.

Chris Lally said...

How heartwarming, Ruth! I cannot imagine the pain at the loss of a sibling, but my best friend died very recently. I think I will get out into the yard for some therapy, too. My friend would smile because she spent her summers in her garden. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork, photos, and this lovely story - so timely for me. Appreciate it!

Ruth Andre said...

Chris, Thank-you so much for sending your comment. I am so sorry you lost your best friend. There is only time to helps us along the way. I want to see your garden. I don't think it has to be as big as mine was on the farm. Wishing you the best, Ruth

Barbara said...

Gardening is wonderful therapy. Your painting is beautiful.

Ruth Andre said...

Barbara, Thank-you so much for the lovely comment. You are so right about the art of gardening. We don't have to garden a full acre to reap the rewards of being outside and working the earth and watching the garden grow. Take care.