Thursday, March 8, 2018

Letting Go - Ruth Andre

"Letting Go"
Oil-Wax on 30"x22" Paper
Available Matted and Framed
by Ruth Andre

This painting is a larger work using oil and wax. I have moved back to the studio and put my best efforts into clearing away enough space so I can work on larger paintings. This is no easy task. It seems before moving anything the new space storage space needs to be cleared and gone through so you end up having two jobs instead of one. A larger studio is a dream at the present time but how lovely it would be to have 5 or 6 paintings in the works at one time. 
The title represents the many passages life presents to each of us as we take on our journey. A big part of life I have learned is, "Letting Go". Each of us need to continue to look forward and give ourselves space by letting go of what is not needed. The letting go is often difficult but once done our life can move forward.


Theresa Paden said...

It's a good size and I love the way it's displayed. Letting go has been a life lesson for me as well.

Ruth Andre said...

Theresa, Thank-you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope to do more large painting this year. Take care.