Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thunder Mountain - Ruth Andre

"Thunder Mountain"
8x8", oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

Friday morning I met my painting friend, Bruce Hancock, in Amador City and we drove up Highway- 88 to meet a few painting friends to paint in the Sierras. We met at Silver Lake just about an hour away. My first impression of the area was filled with being overwhelmed with the beauty of the area. The grandeur of the mountains and of course the lake itself was so beautiful and full of color. We all found a shady spot and went to work painting in our different locations. The mountain range that surrounds the lake was just so amazing. As I painted the mountain the light changed and I realized I could stay in the same spot all day and create many paintings all very different than the next. Photos below of the painters.

Julie Trail took this photo - Ruth Andre, Howard Rees, Vickie Chew & Bruce Hancock

Julie Trail Taking the Painting Challenge
photo by Bruce Hancock

I loved getting out with friends and it made for, "A Painting day".


Theresa Paden said...

Your painting is beautiful and it sounds like you all had a really fun painting day!

Julie said...

Love the gradations of color in this painting, Ruth! Teach me how!!! :-)

Pat O'Driscoll said...

Nice painting Ruth, love the colors in the lake.

Bruce B. Hancock said...

Hi Ruth...
I had the pleasure of seeing this painting in person and I commented then, but I'll do so again. I just love the wonderful muted grays you consistently manage to produce. In this painting, they show up so well in the beautifully rendered distant mountain. Great work as usual!