Monday, July 23, 2012

Pink Rain Clouds - Ruth Andre

I know there are those of  you out there saying,-What is she doing? I am in the same boat with you and ask myself the same thing. Today I  headed to the studio with good intentions to clean up a little plein air painting I had just about finished and then I changed one thing and then another and the painting left plein air and became a totally contemporary landscape. I have always found it amusing when an artist says I am interrupting the landscape but shoot, I think I am doing just that. Has anyone else been taken over by aliens living in their studio? Traveling through space has made for, "A Painting Day". 

"Pink Rain Clouds" 8x8 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre Sold


Bruce B. Hancock said...

LOL! Taken over by Aliens? Maybe so, but if that's the case, don't resist...they have good ideas going! Another nice one by the Aliens! Keep it up, Guys!

barbara and nancy said...

I love it when that happens. Sometimes I look down at my collage or Zentangle and think...where did that come from? Now I know !!!

martinealison said...

Il est bon de laisser parler sur la toile nos sentiments... Un besoin existentiel qui vous réussit parfaitement bien à en juger ce que j'admire avec plaisir!

Gros bisous, je ne vous oublie pas même si je risque de ne pas vous visiter avant la mi-septembre.

John Kelley said...

such a nice feel to this one. Very calming.

Theresa Paden said...

Can you ask those aliens to come to my studio for a while? ;)