Monday, October 15, 2012

Creekside - Ruth Andre

The painting above is rather narrow and long and to see it larger just click on the painting image. Fall weather is making for cold mornings and nights here in the valley. Rain showers are sure to follow and with the rain the creek that passes through our property will fill with fast moving water taking with it what ever may have rested quietly all summer. Looking down at the creek from the water's edge is a delight to the senses. The river speaks as it careens and swirls down the creek bed. The colors are also luminous and can take you in. Thinking of the changing season has made for, "A Painting Day".

"Creekside" 8x48 inches, oil on canvas by Ruth Andre

1 comment:

Manisha Vedpathak said...

Fabulous again Ruth,you almost took me to the creekside :)