Friday, November 5, 2010

What A Painting Day

Today I met up with my artist friends, Bruce Hancock and Howard Rees.  We met in Drytown and then headed down to Turner Road.  It is really pretty any time of the year here in the foothills but right now the hills are just starting to turn from gold to green.  You can see the grass just peaking through the taller dry grasses.  I have posted a few photos of both Bruce and Howard and a final painting from my easel. It is always fun to attempt the challenge to capture nature's beauty with brush and paint. 

Just off Turner Road-Sutter Creek

Bruce Hancock

Howard Rees

Ruth working on this one with Bruce set up in front.

Bruce Painting on Chicago Road

Bruce's Finished Painting

This is one of mine.  I do not call myself a Plein Air Painter but I do enjoy getting outside for, "A Painting Day".

"Oak on Turner Road"-8x6-inches, oil/canvas by Ruth Andre


Bruce B. Hancock said...

Hi was a good painting day, wasn't it? I'm not sure the weather could have been much nicer, and the foothills are just amazing. As the 'city kid' among the three of us on this paint-out, I have to confess that I tend to forget how lovely the Gold Country is...especially when you get a little off the beaten path. I can't wait until next time.

Theresa Paden said...

So glad you all had a fun day painting and your paintings all look great! That's a beautiful area you are in :)

Cheri Wollenberg said...

Thank you for sharing your great time with us. It looked like you had great fun and your photos were wonderful of the countryside. Great paintings too.

Virginia Floyd said...

What a beautiful setting to share a painting day with friends! Thanks for sharing.

Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

I am so happy that I found your blog and thoroughly enjoying your animals!
I was only going to skim and an hour later I am still here!

Linda Popple said...

Nice paintings and looks like a gorgeous area - and what a day! I think you should do more plein aire! :-)

Brenda Ferguson said...

Thanks for taking the time to document your day, Ruth. Beautiful color choices in your piece. I love the one stroke of lavender near the yellow-green beneath the tree...on top of all that glowing warm orange!

John M. Mora said...

I can almost see a towhee skirting in the brush - that top picture reminds me of my youth...go Giants!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Ruth.
I love these photos and your painting, thank you. I would like to see more photos from Artist`s, it`s very interesting to see other Artist`s at work. All the best Rith.