Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Painting Day - Summer Day - Ruth Andre

"Summer Day"
6"x6" oil on canvas panel
by Ruth Andre

The new year is here and new goals are in the works as well as quiet chatter as to what to do. What do I leave behind and where will I settle in to make my time as an artist count? It is exciting to see new possibilities. Sometimes I feel making changes with my art is like moving from one house to the next. What needs to be taken and what needs to be left behind? Why is is so hard to pick up and go? I do know I have to have my own convictions and belief in myself. So many people are complacent wanting the artist to stay put and not change and even at times wanting them to go back to what was comfortable for them. They do not seem to understand that making art is not just making art. There is growth for the artist that must be tended. There is no standing still when making more is your goal.


Caroline Simmill said...

Lovely painting, reminds me of a summer's day so uplifting to see on a winter's evening here in Scotland. I think the title of your book 'Follow the sound of the drum' says it all regarding the path of the artist. Many do embrace change and grow yet many like to stay on the familiar path and find a contentment there.

Ruth Andre said...

Caroline, Thank-you for your comment. I like what you said about how artists embrace their art and grow as artists. It is so interesting how an artist's work never stands still. There is always change. Thank-you too for the comment regarding my book forward, "Follow the Sound of the Drum". The series of works fell out of me onto the canvas. It was an exhilarating time. Take care.