Friday, September 2, 2016

Secret Promise - Summer Sale - Ruth Andre

"Secret Promise"
4"x4" Hand Painted Papers, Linen Thread, Copper Bead on Panel
by Ruth Andre
Summer Sale - SOLD

Today is the beginning of a long Labor Day Holiday. I hope everyone will have a fun and a safe time to  enjoy. I rarely leave the ranch and plan to enjoy the week-end just being at  home. Walking the old road to the creek and watching the wildlife that travels through our small ranch gives me a lot of joy. I talk about the quiet because it is truly very restful here. I have been put on 'Rest" therapy but walking is still something I can do. I did get myself in somewhat of a mess the other day. I went  out to check on my old mare who was down and needed a dose or pain medication. I bent down, forgetting that is a NO-NO and went head over heels and landing on all fours. I hurried away as fast I could thinking the mare might flail her legs and hit me. When My husband found me he was none to happy and gave me a well deserved lecture. Then I thought about the whole mess and started laughing. I was down, the horse was down and neither one of us could get up. I know dark humor sometimes has its place. I had to have help getting up and that made me more than unhappy. Shoot, how did this all happen?  I am healing but my bones have their problems and I need to be careful and mind what I do. If any of you following my blog have osteoporosis I would love to hear what you are doing to make yourself better. I have read and read about medications and therapies and have almost decided nothing works. Any advice would be more than appreciated. By the way Old Mystery took her time but she also got up and started pawing the ground to let us all know she was unhappy and wanted her breakfast of grain and hay. Mystery may just be a little spoiled but at 31 she deserves all the love she can get. Take care.


Theresa Paden said...

Oh dear, you had quite an adventure! I'm glad you weren't injured during your fall. I really like this collage. I love the way the white pops out and the whole thing has an Asian feel to me.

Ruth Andre said...

Hi Theresa, Thanks so much for the comment regarding the new collage. I was okay with the fall and thankful my mare did not flail her legs and catch me with a hoof. You always have to be careful around horses. I thought I was being carful but the ground was uneven and over I went. You are right it was an adventure.