Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Painting Day - Wings - Ruth Andre

4.5"x4.5" Oil and Cold Wax on Paper
12"x12" Hand Cut Mat
Challenge Painting Forty-Two

Our small ranch in the valley is mostly flat with some sloping as the land falls to the creek then the land veers at a steep angle as it moves past the creek and up the mountainside. The ground squirrels find our little plot of land a great spot to hang out. They seem to have a good life until the shadow of a soaring hawk shows itself and then the squirrels run for shelter. The hawks glide over the land and perch in the tall trees always on watch. I do enjoy watching the hawks soar with their wings held wide in the sky. 

This coming week may be a little crazy. I am preparing for my talk for the Sierra Wax Artists meeting at the University Art Store downtown Sacramento, California next Sunday, July 19th. It seems there is always more to do. I have worked on an outline but will also need to think about what to paint and what Oil and Cold Wax techniques to show. There is much to consider that may give inspiration for the artists that come to the meeting. 

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