Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Painting Day - Workshop Videos - Ruth Andre

DVD - Workshop Videos
"Inspired Painting With Oil and Cold Wax

By popular demand I have added my two Oil and Wax Workshops on DVD discs. 
They are now available! Yeah! The "Inspired Painting With Oil and Cold Wax" video shows how I find my inspiration. It is a guide for you to find your own inspiration. Learning to see using a creative focus will transform your paintings to be all about what inspires you and will give you the tools to make truly meaningful paintings. 

DVD - Workshop Video
"Paper To Paint With Oil and Cold Wax"

This video workshop, "Paper To Paint With Oil and Cold Wax" will 
give you the inspiration
 to start painting. We will start by using paper to build an idea and then 
take that idea through to the painting process. Working with paper and 
paint is a fun way to get your creativity in motion and start painting.



Bruce B. Hancock said...

Hi Ruth,
I can attest to the eye-opening journey to inspiration that "Inspired Painting" takes the viewer on. It's a marvelous afternoon of exploration and discovery with you as the guide. Great work!

Ruth Andre said...

Bruce, Thank-you for the great DVD review. So happy to hear from you. Ruth

Theresa Paden said...

Congratulations on your new DVD's!

Ruth Andre said...

I have had requests for the DVD format so it is good to finally have them available.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I really enjoyed and learned a considerable amount from the Inspired Painting video, Ruth.
I appreciated learning about your sources of inspiration as well as the techniques you use.
I am very happy I bought this and can highly recommend it.

Ruth Andre said...

Julie, I appreciate you taking the time to send an comment regarding the DVD, Inspired Painting With Oil & Cold Wax. I am thrilled you liked the video workshop and thank-you for the recommendation. Ruth